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Forgive me Father for I have binned August 30, 2007

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

Welcome one and all to the Chocolate blog!

We’ve ummed, we’ve arred, and now we’ve finally got round to it… please feel free to comment and add in your own thoughts as time goes by…
To kick things off one article in particular springs to mind from todays edition of The Times… The Roman Catholic Church will be at the Waveney Greenpeace festival this weekend in Suffolk, to hear people’s ‘eco-confessions’ in what is thought to be the first dedicated priestly confessional booth of its kind.
Green penance (ha!) includes such things as:
1. For boiling electric kettles filled with too much water – three cold baths 
2. For drinking non-Fair Trade coffee – make your own acorn coffee and drink nothing but that for a week
Now call me old fashioned but come on…. Can you imagine the fun the priests had with that one? “What shall we do about all those commuters that grab any coffee they can in the morning?”…. “I know – acorn coffee it is – that’ll learn ’em!”
I’m not even sure I’d recognise an acorn it’s been that long since I’ve been out the concrete jungle, but that aside it’s a genius bit of PR and got them the best part of a page in The Times…. 
See you in Suffolk.


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