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Wii-k offering November 1, 2007

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

It wasn’t a question I was expecting as I walked up to the counter with a second nunchuk for my Wii…

“So have you got your Wii yet?”

Well… yes, of course I have. A year after launching I would have thought that anyone who wanted to have one would have too. But apparently I’m wrong.

You’ve got to hand it to Nintendo: twelve months after their console’s debut, and fresh from the news that they have taken the top spot in the UK console market there is STILL a drought of the little white boxes.

Conventional wisdom says that while selling out around Christmas year one is a must to demonstrate the hot-cake quality of you product, after the initial shortage your audience should be free to gorge themselves as much and as easily as they can or they’ll lose interest. Not so, it seems.

Either Nintendo has the biggest cahones of all time, or they have lucked out and genuine shortages have actually served to keep the demand for the Wii sky high.

The fact is that while Nintendo may have cleaned up at the Golden Joysticks this year, there is still little to commend the Wii beyond the game that comes with it. Don’t get me wrong, Wario Ware is a great game (although it needs a lot of people playing to get the most out of it), and Zelda is a very absorbing title but if you look at the titles available for the Wii listed by rating on IGN, three of the top five are for the Virtual Console.

It just shows – in the same way that we bought the Gameboy to play Tetris, the Xbox for Halo and the PS2 to get our hands on GTA, it’s still that exclusive killer app that shifts units.

Anyone for tennis?



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