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A Suggestion for Gordon Brown June 24, 2008

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

By Chi

So Morgan Tsvangirai has dropped out of the run-off elections in Zimbabwe and is now holed up in the Dutch embassy. Examine that statement for a minute. The leader of an opposition party has to take refuge in a foreign embassy in is own country, because he fears for his life at the hands of the ruling party. This, of course, is after having won the initial parliamentary vote in March. In the meantime, more than 60 of his supporters are arrested at his HQ and it has been reported that 86 supporters have been killed and 200,000 forced from their homes by Mugabe’s storm troopers.

Gordon Brown is missing a trick here. We are currently involved in a ME war that 90% of the public are against and, if you believe the reports, he is suffering a shocking crisis of government and leadership. Why not pull the troops out of the Iraq and deploy a peace keeping unit into Zimbabwe to ensure that ‘democracy’ is given due course? It would take care of all his problems at once. (1.) This would be a conflict that the British public would actually support, severing links with the Blair administration once and for all (2.) It would give him credibility, both here and domestically, from a leadership point of view (3.) The costs of running the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are astronomical and reducing our activity would bring down costs and government spending, which could help reduce inflation etc domestically.

Of course there would be those that say: Why is it our business to sort out? We have enough problems at home, this isn’t colonialism etc. One word response to that; RWANDA. If done right, this could be the opportunity that our beleaguered PM needs to silence the doubters.

Over to you, GB!



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