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Social networks: freedom versus protection part 2 June 25, 2008

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

By Clare

I want to follow on from my last blog entry where I discussed how much freedom of speech (well, words) we should really have on social networks such as Bebo and Facebook. I think that one of the fundamental problems with social networks is that some of the bigger sites give a bad name to some of the really decent and genuinely interesting and fun small sites. Take the new, official Hello Kitty social network, http://www.sanriotown.com, for example. You can immediately see that its users want to share stories, chat, photos and experiences with other Hello Kitty fans in a safe yet fun environment. You’re not confronted with having the pressure to buy yourself a boob job (think Miss Bimbo) and, although you can never guarantee it, the site’s moderators reassure you that they’ll immediately take any questionable content down. Easier to control on a smaller site than Bebo, of course, but still…I think sites like these – innocent and entertaining with a real sense of community – should lead the way in setting a good example for social networking.

Right, I’m off to have a (virtual) cigarette and contemplate a life without social networks. Shouldn’t be a problem with the boss as I’ve just heard that a new YouGov and Trend Micro survey has confirmed that the majority of small business bosses think web browsing at work is the biggest waste of time and that it’s three times as disruptive as staff popping out for a cigarette – great news for all those smokers who can start quoting stats at their bosses. I may just have to take the dirty habit up on principal to fill in the time I would have spent poking friends – and indeed randoms – on Facebook. What a fulfilling life I lead.



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