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Perfecting PR: Keeping it simple July 25, 2008

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

By Clare

I sometimes think we can make things too complicated in PR. We look for the big ideas that are going to hopefully hit the headlines or the ideas that will impress our clients without question. But I realised this week that sometimes it really is the simple things in life that have the most impact.

Take for instance our Pleo (www.pleoworld.com) media tour. We decided that it made sense to try and conduct all interviews in a busy and social environment so that the journalists could understand more about Pleo’s appeal and why so many people want to buy the high-tech baby dinosaur. We had no guarantee that we’d attract the attention we wanted but, with some strategic positioning, it proved a fantastic success.

Whilst talking to each journalist, inquisitive teens, kids and dubious parents all wandered over to our table to meet Pleo and find out more about the little life form. It soon became a win-win situation as the journalist got to see our target market in action with Pleo, pester power was evident when each conversation resulted in kids and teens asking if they could ‘have one’ and it generally raised brand awareness as, in the space of two days, we not only talked to a wide range of media but Pleo also got to interact with hundreds of different people.

Simple, inexpensive and effective – you can’t ask for much more than that.


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