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The Power of Conversational PR August 6, 2008

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

By Natasha

Today begins a new era! After thousand of online requests and campaigns the chocolate bar Wispa is back. But for the first time the public made the decision, or so Cadbury’s would have you believe…

In 2003 Cadbury discontinued their Wispa chocolate as it had proved to be unpopular. However, with over 14,000 “Bring back Wispa” groups on Bebo, Facebook and Myspace , Cadbury will be re launching the bar on the 6th October 2008.

(BBC2 Ident Ark)

Companies who have chosen to ignore the power of the two-way communication in the past can now recognise the value of social networking websites. The old fashion marketing and PR tactics can now be thrown out the window as the power of conversational PR gives the general public the opportunity to make the decisions!

The arena of social networking is overloaded with groups such as bring back: Old cookie monster, Prayers in School, Smoking in Clubs and Pubs or even bring back Captain Planet. With all these groups reaching the five digit number of members, who knows – one day we may actually see the cookie monster back on our TV screens. As sang by John Lennon: “Power to the People”.



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