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Facebook survey the landscape February 3, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.
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By Clare

The latest news to come from the social media world (well, in the fast world of social media, it’s still pretty new) is that Facebook has decided to cash in on its huge userbase and introduce polls as a way of monetising the popular service.

As reported by The Telegraph, users will soon see survey requests pop up on their Facebook homepage, asking you what your hobbies and habits are as well as personal questions relating to your status and gender. Users, of course, have the option not to take part in the poll but, judging by the number of people still constantly monitoring their profiles (or those of others…), i’m sure it won’t take long for people to spend a few extra minutes contributing to Facebook’s new venture and making the service even more lucrative.

Will it work? Knowing Facebook, probably yes. See, it’s clever as it has the power to target specific demographics. So, if they want to target 18 – 22 year old guys who live in London, they can. Easy. And so it becomes more interesting and appealing to the user as it’s not asking 19 year old guys whether they prefer to scrunch or straighten their hair in the morning. Watch this space.



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