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The Royal Revolution … Online February 23, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.
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By Clare

I was pleasantly pleased to see that the Royals have finally revamped their official website to make it more appealing to the younger generations. The Royal Family will always be subject to criticism, whatever they do, but I think it’s great that they’re finally attempting to join the digital revolution and get a little more online and social media savvy. I watched a documentary at the end of last week that was asking kids what they thought of the new site and was surprised how many rated it and mentioned the interactive elements. Amongst other things, you can now view the latest ‘Royal’ YouTube videos and view an updated diary each day. Okay, so they’re not yet engaging with us mere mortals in two way conversations in the form of blogs and forums but they’re getting there. And it immediately makes them more appealing and seem more human when you watch the vodcasts on YouTube and get more of an insight into their daily lives. Perhaps they’ve taken a leaf out of Gordon’s books – he’s now actively recruiting for a digital expert to help keep Number 10 up with the social media times. The salary he’s offering (just short of his own) demonstrates just how valuable they view social media and the need to engage properly with ‘the masses’. Watch this space. Or, should I say, watch Twitter



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