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Who’s monitoring Facebook’s advertising function? Anyone? May 18, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Gaming, Social media.

by Sophie

Friends Reunited tried it, but they were years too early.  Many others have tried since but been too late.  But Facebook was THE social networking site that got everything right from the beginning.  Or have they?

A couple of years back it emerged as the golden balls of the social networking world.  However it’s recently suffered backlash and taken a bit of a slamming from the media – for various reasons.  We’ve all heard stories that don’t show FB in its best light. For example, there’s been privacy issues and online fraudsters stealing your profile details.  There’s been outrageous teenage parties that have got out of control due to the sheer volume of people finding out about them on Facebook.  But the latest thing that seems to be consistently flawed… the advertising we’re exposed to.

I’ve read over the last few days that Facebook has allowed advertising for a new piracy-enabling R4-style card on its pages.  According to MCV, ads for the DSTT card appear on profiles of subscribers on the site who have shown an interest in gaming.  Like the R4, the DSTT allows consumers to download pirated DS games via a Mac or PC onto an SD card, which then slots into the adapted console.

So who at Facebook is allowing such a thing to get through?  Something that is potentially so damaging to an industry and so specifically targeted at a certain profile of user?  There’s no doubt that this social networking site is still massively popular but will their lack of attention to detail on the business side of things be their downfall?

Facebook hasn’t commented on this story – this seems to be the strategy they choose when reacting (or not) to these types of issues.  As a Facebook user myself I do notice the advertising all the time and I don’t trust – it just looks dodgy.  For their users to be able to trust the brand they need to be much more stringent and strict with the types of advertising they allow on the site, especially when it’s so targeted and tailored to each user.  In fact my page is constantly showing slimming pills – is it trying to tell me something?

Jacob Botter

Jacob Botter


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