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The rise and rise of mobile May 20, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

By Jill

The world is full of lots of chat and predictions on the rise of internet in your pocket (‘mobile data’ or ‘mobile internet’) and what that will mean to the world and all pretty amazing and exciting it is too.  We’re talking more than just looking at your e-mail on the move, more than mobile gaming.  However, in reality, until recently, this access has mainly been the privilege of the mid 20s+ gadget boy/girl in a good job and those lucky enough to get the right mobile ‘through their work’.

Hidden in the depths of a technical report (http://tiny.cc/Au4Of), we have some really interesting UK trends from Orange.  We’re starting to see the expected change actually happen.  Comparing the three months to end of Sept 09 to three months ending Feb 09  [weird quarters!] , we get some really interesting numbers. 

The biggest has got to be the nearly 50% increase in the number accessing social networking sites to nearly 1m users per month.  So nearly half as many again in six months and I would suggest this figure will show no signs of abating in the next six months.  Also we get a 38% increase in download of [short] video.  So that’s 2.3 million over the quarter or 20% of customers downloading a video.  With sport, film [ads/previews] and cartoons as the top three favourites.

Now all we need is ubiquitous low cost, all inclusive mobile charges and a final sort out of international roaming prices and we are in a whole new world..

Milica Sekulic

Milica Sekulic


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