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Golf leading the way with social media June 2, 2009

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by Clare HE

I was challenged to write a blog entry today on some of our larger sporting events this summer and how (or if) they are using social media to embrace existing fans and new fans online.

Taking a look at some of the websites for events such as The Ashes, The Mazda London Triathlon and Royal Ascot, I was a little surprised that they don’t appear to have adopted a strong social media presence in order to engage with their fans and, ultimately, encourage them to attend or follow the events. Although undoubtedly well-designed and seamlessly functional, I can’t help but wonder how many more followers they’d get if they made their sites a little less 2D and more interactive.

Surprisingly, my pre-conceived ideas about all that’s golf were challenged when I looked the The Open’s website. This site boasts an array of social media techniques that will pull even the less interested golf fan into staying on the site for longer and encourage them to consider following (I’m considering taking up golf myself after watching an interview with Padraig Harrington!). You name it, the site has it – vodcasts and podcasts of the players, interviews, past events, latest blogs from high-profile golfers and officials, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups…I was suitably impressed. And, although all these events are being Tweeted about on Twitter, from my initial research, only The Open are really engaging with their fans.

It’ll be interesting to see whether more sporting events start to invest and see the value in social media in the upcoming months.

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Tuesday Golf



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