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Pepsi RAW uses Twitter as a focus group June 11, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by Eyndia

After the demise of ‘New Coke’ in the 90’s its not surprising that drinks brands are now seeking mass feedback outside of focus groups on any new flavours or brands that they launch.

For those of you that haven’t already been accosted by the promotional staff around London, Pepsi RAW has decided to use social media in order to get mass opinion on their latest product.

The soft drink, created by PepsiCo, introduced the brand in late 2008 as a ‘Sparkling Cola drink with natural plant extracts’ and apparently contains only naturally sourced ingredients, effectively ‘healthy cola’, but the fact that they are using Twitter in order to get the public opinion on the product is ingenious and extremely brave.

The promotional staff are handing out cans of the product with the call to action ‘tell us what you think at twitter.com/pepsiraw’ . When you log on to the feed they not only have consumers opinions about the brand but also give you updates on where the promotional staff will be the following day, so you can go down and try the product for yourself and then tweet your opinion on it.

I have to say, for PepsiCo to engage so personally with its audience on such a public forum and for  such a wide reaching FMCG product is ingenious and demonstrates a strong confidence in the brand they have launched.

Pepsi RAW on Twitter

Pepsi RAW on Twitter


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