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Apple walks on water June 12, 2009

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by Jill

Well congratulations have to go to Apple yet again for continuing to walk on water this week.  Their announcement of the Apple iPhone 3G S has been well received by us marketers, the media and the real punters alike.  Beyond a bit of jiggery pockery by some media trying to stir up trouble, people are still in love with the rise and rise of Apple iPhone.

Lift the lid on the 3G S and it’s really just a bunch of corrections and catch ups with the capabilities of other smart phones (3 megapixel camera anyone?  5hrs battery life on 3G networks? Voice dialling?  Sending videos via MMS?).  But you have got to love and admire the power of the Apple brand that can make positive news out of this – and lots of it.

The real point of controversy and the most exciting part of the news (iPhone for $99 anyone?) is not gonna happen in the UK.  Not a popular move with the UK media it has to be said.

And all this without Steve Jobs even having to make an appearance.  However I, for one, am very much looking forward to his return.





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