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Singing in the – social media – rain June 12, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by Clare HE

As tennis fever slowly takes hold of Britain – along with the sudden desire to eat copious amounts of strawberries and cream and listen to old Cliff tracks – I wanted to write a quick follow-on from my last blog where I talked about social media being used for sporting events.

I didn’t mention Wimbledon in my last blog – as I think it deserves a dedicated section all to itself. If you take a look at the website, you’ll hopefully be as impressed as I was. Despite being a traditional event, the Wimbledon organizers have really embraced all that’s social media this year. For a start, they’ve got an official iPhone app on the homepage. And, neatly tucked under this, is a fanlog, Twitter link and Facebook group you can join.

What’s more is, if you’re not one of the lucky ones to get to sit under the new, expensive Wimbledon roof and watch Murray crash out, you can see everything live on the site through a spot of live-streaming which will keep you updated on all the latest scores, blogs from people at the event as well as vodcasts showing off the interviews from that particular day.

Impressed? I am. I think Wimbledon is really leading the way here – demonstrating that tradition and social media can mix successfully. I think this level of engagement on a site will really encourage younger tennis fans to take up/renew their interest in the sport / event. Which can only be a good thing when you consider it’s rumoured they spent £80 million on the new centre court roof. Now that’s an investment in the next generation…




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