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I forget……or how to get ahead in CR June 16, 2009

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Kris Hoet

Kris Hoet

by Jill

I went to a great PRCA CSR / Sustainability Group breakfast meeting yesterday morning and heard Trevor Morris, Visiting Professor of Public Relations at the University of Westminster, give a very informative and thought provoking talk on his overall views of CR.  At one point, Trevor ran through CR’s three key dilemmas as he saw them:

a)      Balancing business and financial duties

Companies have a legal duty to maximise shareholder value vs how many CR activities don’t directly (or even indirectly) increase this value

b)      Professional vs personal politics

Whose personal politics dicates what kind of CR to be involved in?  Is this right?

c)       Doing good vs looking good

What is CR? Giving money to a worthy charity or…

Perhaps I would add a fourth:

d)      Command and control vs conversations

Understanding how social media/Conversational PR is a game changer for CR professionals

There was a significant gap in many people’s understanding and knowledge in the room.  Interesting.



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