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Tweets for my Sweets June 18, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Food & Drink, Social media.

by Matt H

Nestlé has become the first global brand to launch a twitter-enabled ad campaign. For the launch of Juicy Juice drink, the confectionary giant is inviting US users to post tweets directly into online adverts featuring questions such as ‘How do you stimulate your child’s mind?’ and ‘How important are vitamin enhanced foods to you?’

I like this idea and think it’s a neat way to ensure direct consumer involvement in the brand, but it’s good to know that Nestlé will be moderating what content is posted. Twitter’s T&C’s state that any offensive, defamatory or obscene content will be removed –  and Nestlé will also have to OK a tweet before it is included in the ads so it’s not quite technically ‘live’. Call me a cynic, but after YouTube was flooded with pornography in a targeted assault this year, I think it’s a sensible idea to retain some control over the process. Personally I do f******g love fruit pastilles but who knows if Nestlé would allow me to share that with you.

It’s good to see that the use of social media in advertising isn’t limited to those irritating targeted Facebook ads. Having been plagued myself by targeted by ads on my profile for dating sites with the headline ’21 and still single?’, for a while last year I felt as though I was being bullied rather than marketed to – despite the fact that I wasn’t unhappy being single.

On another note, it’s good to see Nestlé has responded with a fresh innovative campaign after Cadbury’s superb Gorilla ad went massively viral last year and spawned numerous tributes including this particularly artistically shot tribute from Wonderbra…

You’re welcome.



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