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Chinese Wispa’s do come true July 8, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by Clare HE

I felt obliged to write the minute I’d heard that, yep, wait for it…Cadbury have brought back the Wispa Gold this week. How exciting. Now I know, for some of you, this may not be a huge landmark in your day but for a compulsive Wispa eater (3pm daily – I’ve tried to introduce a ‘3pm Wispa run’ rota in the office with limited success…), it is very exciting.

Power to the people, again! Just like with the original Wispa bar, chocolate lovers jumped on Facebook with 22,000 joining the “Bring back Cadbury’s Wispa Gold” Group, prompting Cadbury to reassess their decision and bring Wispa’s sister back to life. Pleasing, no doubt, a few more than 22,000.

What does this show? A lot of people like Chocolate. But also that brands like Cadbury are leading the way in listening to consumers and responding to their requests. Now, this may not always be feasible for all brands but, in the case of Wispa, I think Cadbury have it spot on again. They’re keeping their fans happy and getting some great exposure at the same time.

SkyNews quoted a Ms Stripp today as saying, “I can’t believe the bar is coming back, I’ve been dreaming about this moment for years.” Not sure if I’m feeling quite as elated as this. But I’m not far off.





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