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Top 10 Youth Marketing Myths July 13, 2009

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by Jill

Thanks go to Graham Brown of Mobile Youth today for reminding us of the top 10 myths, which I’ve heard a selection of in more than one meeting over the last couple of months….

  • They grow up faster these days
    • Actually they grow up slower
  • ‘Digital Natives’ and ‘Connected Generation
    • We’re the ones obsessed with blogs, Twitter et al…
  • Fun, Cool and Entertainment
    • To make a brand relevant start asking ‘why?’
  • Brand Cynics
    • Discover relevance!
  • Youth still care about TV
    • It’s not about the picture, it’s the dialogue
  • Youth don’t care about TV
    • Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater…
  • Advertising is Content
    • Youth don’t care unless they know/you’ve proved you care
  • If you want to reach youth, go mobile
    • Mobile is a promise not a solution
  • The want it FREE
    • If the product can connect at an emotional level they will pay
  • Waking  up thinking about your brand
    • ‘Unless you are Google or Apple, it doesn’t happen.  Get over it’

Top 10 Youth Marketing Myths



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