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The Luck of the Irish July 16, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by Clare

It may be a small island but the Irish certainly know how to a. get through masses amounts of Guinness in a more dignified way than we English and b. how to market themselves effectively online to appeal to the big wide world out there. TourismMarketer has today reported that international tourists are surfing Tourism Ireland sites in record numbers. One of the main reasons attributed to this surge in popularity is due to their revised social media approach. You just have to search them on Twitter to see how much online activity they’re currently taking part in. There’s no groundbreaking new news or massively cool gimmicks on the sites but you have to give Tourism Ireland credit for creating simple sites that incorporate some cool images, videos, guides and honest accounts of what it’s like to travel there. It’s a clever way to consistently create appeal but in a subtle way. This approach is duly being rewarded too – site visits are up 21% year on year.

Talking of subtleties (or a lack of), after a TripAdvisor survey found Parisians to be the ‘most unpleasant residents in Europe’, the Paris Tourist Board has responded by organizing what would only translate as ‘smile ambassadors’ to meet and greet tourists when they visit the city. Hundreds of roller-skaters have also arranged to meet up on Sunday and form a big smile in the centre of the city. Now you have to hand it to them for initiative but will this really improve the long-term appeal of the city (and counter the 17% reduction in tourism this year so far)? Perhaps they should have a word with the Irish and take a leaf (or is that clover) out of their book.

Mike Licht

Spud Head


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