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You must organise UGC if you want to make a change July 16, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by Eyndia

It’s been really interesting to see how the saddening news of Michael Jackson’s death has affected the music industry on a global level. Everything from album sales to digital music downloads from the King of Pop have increased.

Currently, according to the Official UK Charts, he has 9 albums in the Top 20 album charts including the Number 1 spot with The Essential and 2 in the Top 20 singles with Man in the Mirror sitting at number 3. He was even the first artist ever to sell over 1 million downloads in a single week.

But, it’s been really interesting to see how the online communities haven’t really affected the mass change that they have been able to in the past, in particular the power of Facebook groups.

Obviously we are seeing the power of the digital generation, which is why so many MJ classics present in the charts for the past few weeks, based on downloads and sales, but we have see social media affect bigger changes in our recent history.

In December last year, my colleague Clare blogged about X-Factor winner- Alexandra Burke – topping the charts with Hallelujah. This sparked a huge online movement powered by Facebook and 50,000+ Jeff Buckley enthusiasts to put his version in the Number One spot and in the end, it managed to reach a respectable 2nd place, with Alexandra in first place.

Yet, I was really surprised when I searched out the same for Michael Jackson that there are minimal groups in existence, all looking at different singles and no one with more than 600 members. When you compare this with the 10+ pages of group results that celebrate the singer’s life, it is interesting to see that in order to affect a change, you can’t rely on the viral effect of support for groups and must make on conscious focus to strategise how you use Facebook effectively.

Too many brands think that setting up a group for people to follow is all you need to do to get the buy is from your audience, however, if you are not constantly engaging your supporters and looking for ways to tap into new audiences within Facebook, then you see the chaos that we see in this case without the clear direction or focus that could have seen MJ at Number 1 in the singles charts.

Facebook can be a great platform to engage your brand with a much wider audience, but it relies on proactively seeking out audiences that you can draw into your group with engaging content or what they are interested in.





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