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The Next Level July 22, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.
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By Matt

So last year Nike roped in Guy Richie (of Lock Stock and Madonna fame) to direct their ‘take it to the next level’ advert. Check it out here, it ended up being one of the best videos (IMHO) on YouTube in 2008!  Even if the Nike ad aired on TV first – it was certainly designed with “YouTube” “Viral” and “Millions of views” in mind and with 4m+ views on Nike’s official channel you can’t deny that it has been successful!

This week has seen the Football Association (FA) release a parody video on YouTube with the message “Whatever your level” encouraging people to join local football sides. The video is designed for amateur footballers (like me) who are unfortunately unlikely to ever reach the next level… it’s a familiar story of missed free kicks and poor touches that strikes a chord with me and I’m sure many other failed Wayne Rooneys out there. You can watch it here. Right now, the view count isn’t massive at 2,000 or so, but I think we can expect that number to go up.

FA - Whatever Your Level

I’m a big fan of both of the videos and if the end result is that there’s more high quality content for consumers/users to enjoy on YouTube then who’s complaining? Nike won’t be as the spotlight has been re-shone on their video too!

The only person who might be complaining is me on Monday night when pre-season training starts for the 09/10 season and I’m out of breath, soaked through with rain, wearing my muddy Nike astros struggling to keep up with the rest of the squad – striving to reach that next level, whatever level it may be…



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