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Fancy a taste of Gordon Brown or Andy Murray? July 29, 2009

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By Matt

Err no? Didn’t think you would really – but look – they’re actually different blends of Whisky concocted by Whyte and Mackay. Hmm, that’s improved the offer slightly now hasn’t it…

The Scottish Whisky maker has briefed master blender Richard Paterson to create blends based on the individual characteristics of a range of different public figures.

The flavor of the whisky inspired by Andy Murray is said to be, “a young, vibrant, aggressive whisky which is likely to get even better with age as it mellows, but still has an incredibly focused flavor.”

Other celebrities to have been immortalised in liquor form include Gordon Ramsay and Sean Connery.

Now there’s a cool idea to get some newspaper inches… and a mention on the prestigious Chocolate Fix blog (that’s us). Unfortunately the whiskies aren’t actual going to be made available for retail but you can imagine the Gordon Ramsay one might be fiery and may leave a bad taste in the back of the mouth of certain people.

Via Morning Advertiser



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