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Occasional series: Lessons from the front line pt 1 August 25, 2009

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By Jill

It struck me looking through our blog the other day that we’re not sharing enough of the insights we gain from our day-to-day work in the social media sphere.  So here’s the start of an occasional series.

  1. 1. Don’t underestimate the change that social media brings

It’s a game changer, for sure; it’s just how long it takes those in power in an organisation to recognise and understand this.

  1. 2. Don’t overestimate the changes that social media brings

The best communications have always been built around 1-on-1 relationships all the way through my [now long] career.  Social media doesn’t change that it just makes it a more realistic aspiration in the right hands….

  1. 3. The biggest challenge to changing an organisation’s behaviour is losing the command and control mentality

The spin doctor: wouldn’t it be great for PR to be able to shake off this moniker.  Perhaps the greatest example of an organisation struggling to come to terms with this is the Labour Party who rose to power on the old model.  Remember the pagers anyone?

  1. 4. You can’t ignore it

If your audience is moving online – and with nearly 65% of UK households owning a fixed-line broadband connection in Q1 2009 (source: Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2009 (August)), it very likely is – you need to be embracing it fast.

  1. 5. Find the communities is very, very often better than creating them

With so many people already online why try to create your own party?  Go find the parties already out there.  And when you find them, be nice; they don’t have to talk to you.

Does social media make PR agencies obsolete?  Now let me think…..



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