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Occasional series: Lessons from the front line pt 2 September 25, 2009

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by Jill

1. Don’t start something you can’t finish

T’internet is littered with brands’ Facebook pages, Twitter feeds et al.  For every brand doing it well I could find you 10 who started something they haven’t yet finished.

2.       Without great content you will fail

Kinda links to the point above.  Without a plan and without a commitment to produce relevant (v. key word!) content your page/profile is better down than up.  Posting links to your latest ad campaign or putting your DM campaign online doesn’t really cut it.  This is where PR agencies can come into their own.  We’ve always had to create great stories with good angles that often (historically) a journalist would want to write.  We’re just cutting out the middle man now….

3.       The world is not full of journalists

If you try and treat your customers and communities using old media relations rules you will surely fail.  But some rules still apply!  Just to keep it fun.

4.       Think beyond the competition……

Is it just me, but surely there is more to life than another competition?  Unless it’s really clever of course.

5.       It’s still the Wild West out there

That can be scary if you are risk adverse or liberating if you like exploring and creating new rules.  There’s tons of scope for smart thinking and innovation right now.  Very empowering.

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