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Rdy 2 bk a hotel? September 25, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media, Travel.

by Clare HE 

Imagine a world where you run your life on Twitter. Nothing else but Twitter. Would it really work? Hmmm…I’m definitely not convinced. Las VegasHowever, it seems like our strange world is slowly succumbing to the 140 character rule. Well, the travel industry perhaps at least. According to Travolution, online hotel start-up, Inoqo, has unveiled a Twitter-based hotel booking system for consumers wanting to book their last-minute holidays (we’re talking last 48 hours here). In theory, I actually quite like the idea as it’s a good way to follow deals in certain locations and then book them quickly and easily in real-time. In practice, I’m not so sure. I can’t pinpoint it but I like to be able to see a whole range of reviews, ratings, information and general content on a hotel or holiday before I make the decision to book online or over the phone. And I’m not sure whether I’d get a fair comparison through this new system that would land me with the best value deal I’m after. Still, will be very keen to see how this social media savvy brand does, it may just pave the way for great things to come – the jury’s still out!



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