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Facebook: It’s getting crowded in here… December 2, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in PR, Social media.
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By Nate

So, the news that Facebook had surpassed 350 million users came out earlier this week, that’s just over 5% of the world. This is a pretty stunning achievement for a site that started as a project in a students’ bedroom. Not that it has been an easy ride for Mark Zuckerberg et al.

Who can forget the Beacon Fiasco or the uproar around the layout changes? Facebook has weathered some pretty tough storms but has remained strong whilst MySpace (who?) has all but faded from public view. It has seen off internal unrest and outside competition alike to rise to the top of the incredibly diverse social networking market.

Facebook is the place to be for big brands, with three of the top fifteen pages in the world belonging to Coca Cola, Skittles and Starbucks. Figures released today that show that a startling ten million people a day become a fan of a brand page, which just can’t be ignored.

Mashable has estimated that Facebook is gaining users at a rate of 500,000 per day. We have to ask ourselves how long this will carry on for and how will this affect our jobs as professional communicators?

I, personally, hope that Facebook continues to grow as it provides a great platform for conversational engagement, which is the goal of any online PR worth their salts.



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