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WILL TWEET FOR CASH! December 2, 2009

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by Eyndia

There is a really interesting debate emerging in social media at the moment, which is surrounding the brands which are paying popular people on social networks to promote their brand messages for them.

This came to light from a NY Times article that discussed a popular blogger John Chow  who promoted  customized messages on M&M’s on his blog for the measly sum of $200.

Contagious Magazine has also jumped in this debate with a really interesting take on the subject in a recent article

Personally, I can’t imagine any quicker way to lose friends and followers than selling out to big brands for CASH! Not to mention that this is really lazy marketing on behalf of brands. What happened to trying to engage with bloggers and communities by finding common interests, and or allowing them to form their own opinion on the brand, but engaging them in a 1on1 conversation about the product and letting them comment as they wish on it.

The brands getting the best results from social media are the ones that are having a 2-way relationship and dialogue with communities and forums, and creating engaging content on behalf of the brands that is having a dandelion effect within the platforms.

Apart from the fact this is not Open, Honest and Transparent which is the mantra of social media engagement, one could argue that this is actually a really damaging way of engaging an online audience. This screams throwing money at messaging rather than having to take the time to build lasting relationships with ‘netizens’.



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