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Same Concept – 2nd Year Running! December 15, 2009

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by Eyndia

Image courtesy of xfactor.itv.com

In my time working in PR, I have heard a lot of people say that ‘there is no such thing as a new idea!’ Apparently, there are only variations on old ideas???

Personally, I disagree with the statement. Yes we can get inspired by ideas but we create something that is new, innovative and leaves a lasting impression. If anything we look more at the learnings of others to create the best possible campaign we can.

But it get me thinking that it raises an interesting question about social media – Does the same idea blatantly regurgitated year on year have the same impact and effect the second time round?

After the success of last year’s campaign it would seem that the anti X-Factor community is at it again! They are trying to use social media and download popularity to muscle Joe McElderry out of the No.1 slot this Xmas.

Last year, you may recall my colleague Clare writing about the campaign which saw Alexandra Burke claim the poll position with the Facebook fuelled Jeff Buckley version of the same song take No. 2

This year, the much more aptly named Rage Against the Machine for Christmas No.1 group has chosen the classic ‘Killing in the name of’ as a subtle anti-establishment protest! But will they carry the same weight as they did last year? And if so, does this show the power of social media or does this point to a massive issue with how easily the British charts can be manipulated by anyone with an opinion and a compelling argument?

The group already has nearly 38,000 members and is steeply rising. When considering that the Jeff Buckley group only needed 50k members to reach No.2, it seems almost certain that RATM will be appearing in this year’s charts.

So, is the same idea as effective the second time around, or does it lose impact? For the most part I guess only time will tell on this one – but if these numbers are anything to go by, then I predict this will lead to a lot more questions than it will answers in 2010.



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