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Silent Night? December 15, 2009

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By Clare

Imagine this – standing on stage under the grand (well, actually, slightly skeletal Christmas tree) in Trafalgar Square looking out at hundreds of people sitting on the steps eagerly wondering what is going to happen next. Singers Kym Mazelle, Zoe Tyler and Amy Studt are all standing on stage quietly, all ‘gagged’. The Big Funk Choir along with Syed Ahmed from The Apprentice are belting out Christmas songs. The sound is fabulous but there is an uneasy feel in the air – we all want to hear the ladies join in the singing. It doesn’t seem right to see such a legend as Kym Mazelle – who grew up on the same street as the Jacksons – silenced.

Much to everyone’s relief, half way through the concert, our celebs and the other females are invited to take their ‘gags’ off and join in the festive carols. Phew. The audience cheers and all is well again in celeb land. Camilla Dallerup starts to laugh and clap, swaying along to Zoe Tyler’s beautiful voice. Jasmine Harman and Francine Lewis are giving it their all – it’s a unique sight that captures even the grumpiest commuter’s attention.

So was our ‘Girls Without Voices’ concert with a difference a success? We believe so! After all, it was all about raising awareness for Plan UK and to, ultimately, drive people to sponsor a girl. As Nate mentioned in his previous post, the reality young girls face in developing countries is shocking. So we wanted to represent this in a simple yet effective way. This one concert won’t change the world overnight but, judging from the amount of people asking more about Plan and its work in developing countries, it’s certainly a start.

Take a look at some of the concert on YouTube.



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