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Happy New Year January 7, 2010

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by ClareHe

Happy New Year to our followers! We hope you all had wonderful Christmases.

True to our namesake, I think it’s fair to say that the whole team successfully over-indulged in an assortment of chocolate, alcohol and other traditionally festive treats. As we work on several ‘green’ brands that are very much committed to sustainability and the environment, it got me thinking over the holiday just how much festive waste we throw away at this time of year – huge amounts of Christmas cards that have a shelf life of less than two weeks, virtually untouched wrapping paper, copious amounts of drink cans and food packaging to name a few…

I think it’s true to say that the majority of us are genuinely trying to improve our green living and are slowly following the Australian example of being very diligent about our recycling of household waste. A lot of this is to do with being educated on the simple ways in which we can actually achieve this – but it’s also about making the process empowering, all-inclusive and even creative and fun, especially for the younger generations. A good example of this is from across the pond where one environmentally-conscious guy has built an eco-friendly Christmas tree out of drinks cans. This has created a surprising amount of global interest online – his site has been receiving thousands of hits this Christmas (and previous) and he’s even got a considerable following on a dedicated Facebook fan page. In addition to this, he’s set up a MySpace page and YouTube channel in memory of the tree ‘building’ process…!

Granted, this is a good example of a festive gimmick. But I think it also inadvertently demonstrates how organizations, brands and individuals can engage with – and encourage – others to think green. And that it’s cool to do so – it doesn’t have to be a timely chore after all.



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