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The hero of the world! February 22, 2010

Posted by BCME UK in Social media.

by Eyndia

It’s not often that you see an ingenious idea to promote something as dull as TV licensing, but Draft FCB in Stockholm have set a new benchmark in great viral ideas!

The viral – to promote Radio Janst (the TV licensing agency for Sweden) is titled the Hero of the World. It starts as a official press conference of someone who appears to a high ranking government official talking to the people of Sweden. The video cuts between her speaking and the images of people across the country from different walks of life all listening with baited breath, hanging on her every word.

She addresses the nation with a powerful, aspirational speech asking ‘how we and our children trust what they see and hear on TV and radio?” And who is behind making sure that even the ‘smallest of voices’ in the country are heard? The answer is the ‘hero’, a person who’s image she holds in an envelope which she is about to reveal to the press and her fellow countrymen.

The image she reveals is YOU! – imbedded into the video to appear on the picture as well as on billboards, newspapers and picture frames as the video goes on. They also imbed your image onto banners within a march thanking their Swedish hero and even with astronauts in space.

The strap line as the video comes to an end – Thank you for paying your broadcasting fee! 

It’s a great mix of personalisation, innovation and creativity that not only celebrates each member of the population as a hero but is also as a great viral to send your friends regardless of which country you’re in.

It’s clear that no expense was spared on the high calibre of production and it’s completely worth it when you see the final product.

Check out my video here !



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