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Dancing in the streets! March 4, 2010

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by Eyndia 

Is it just me or does everyone expect to see a dancing flash mob when they leave their house?

2009 was certainly the ‘year of the flash mob’! Powered by social media the original concept of bringing group of people together to create an impact for a brand, event or discourse has undergone a huge evolution.

Primarily due to the success of T-Mobile at Liverpool Street station, we have all come to expect more from our flash mobs. It is no longer enough to just stand and be counted; nowadays we want them to dance (preferably choreographed) or sing.

There has been some great and some not so great campaigns over the past two years that have used social media to bring a group of people together and teach them intensive choreography before performing it publically, but it would be safe to say the idea needs another much needed evolution.

In the past 18 months there has been dancing flash mobs that have done everything from invaded retail stores with MC Hammer music, to promoting cities of culture.

Not only that but we have seen some with incredible budgets, whilst others looked a bit cheap! Those will amazingly tight choreography, whilst others looked rather lack lustre! They have paid tribute to a King of Pop, whilst others shared a questionable music choice and even been randomly used to promote charities.

Flash mobs are a prime example of people ‘over-using’ a great idea to the point that its impact becomes redundant!


What a relief to get it right March 3, 2010

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by Clare HE

It’s that time of year again where everyone goes just a little bit crazy in the name of charity – yep, it’s Sport Relief time. And while we can see a similar pattern to last year where lots of celebrities seeking to raise their profile (and, it must be said, genuinely help to raise money for a good cause) get involved with doing some wacky dares and challenges, it’s refreshing to see that the charity has caught up with the latest social media techniques and is heavily promoting itself on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. In fact, I’ve just been on the Facebook page and they’ve already got nearly 30,000 fans all sharing info, images and video on how they’re helping to raise money through football tournaments, mile runs and sponsored swims to name just a few of the activities happening all over the country. There’s a real sense of community and combined effort that strikes you when you read some of the fans’ updates. The page really seems to embody the best of social networking and what it’s all about – sharing content and information, making like-minded friends, encouraging and supporting each other and working towards a common goal. It’s also interesting that they have nearly 25,000 people following them on Twitter which suggests that, amongst the mainstream public, the micro-blogging site really is beginning to have a real influence and impact. So, it remains to be seen whether Phil and Kate complete the Three Peaks Challenge or Christine survives her water ski challenge. But what is evident is that Sport Relief has already succeeded in engaging fans from all over the country and is successfully getting them to support them in their goal of raising a lot of money for some great causes.

Project Natal launch – hit or miss? February 25, 2010

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by Sophie

I’m sorry Microsoft, but MISS!  All I’ve seen this week is a barrage of Tweets from games media (and extremely influential ones at that) annoyed at the fact that the first ‘hands-on’ time with the game, was given to celebs rather than media.  

I understand the importance of celebrity endorsement, particularly with well known gamers like Jonathan Ross.  And by choosing this approach, it has created a great deal of chatter and buzz online in forums, blogs and social networking sites.

But in bypassing the games media, Microsoft and Xbox have only created comments from journalists about having ‘something to hide’.

The hero of the world! February 22, 2010

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by Eyndia

It’s not often that you see an ingenious idea to promote something as dull as TV licensing, but Draft FCB in Stockholm have set a new benchmark in great viral ideas!

The viral – to promote Radio Janst (the TV licensing agency for Sweden) is titled the Hero of the World. It starts as a official press conference of someone who appears to a high ranking government official talking to the people of Sweden. The video cuts between her speaking and the images of people across the country from different walks of life all listening with baited breath, hanging on her every word.

She addresses the nation with a powerful, aspirational speech asking ‘how we and our children trust what they see and hear on TV and radio?” And who is behind making sure that even the ‘smallest of voices’ in the country are heard? The answer is the ‘hero’, a person who’s image she holds in an envelope which she is about to reveal to the press and her fellow countrymen.

The image she reveals is YOU! – imbedded into the video to appear on the picture as well as on billboards, newspapers and picture frames as the video goes on. They also imbed your image onto banners within a march thanking their Swedish hero and even with astronauts in space.

The strap line as the video comes to an end – Thank you for paying your broadcasting fee! 

It’s a great mix of personalisation, innovation and creativity that not only celebrates each member of the population as a hero but is also as a great viral to send your friends regardless of which country you’re in.

It’s clear that no expense was spared on the high calibre of production and it’s completely worth it when you see the final product.

Check out my video here !

Your country needs goo! January 15, 2010

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By Eyndia

Christmas is hardly in out of our rear view mirror and ahead of us Easter is looming, with campaigns kicking in the second 2010 started.

If you’re anything like me then you probably find the retail jump from holiday-to-holiday rather depressing, but there are always exception to the rule and this is definitely one campaign that you are probably more likely to love rather than loathe.

As featured in this week’s Contagious ‘Your country needs goo!’ is the latest addition to Cadbury Creme Egg’s strategy for British Easter domination.

The campaign is effectively an online Easter egg hunt, where the call to action is the find the Creme Eggs hidden on the internet. The Facebook group provides you with the clues to help you seek out the missing eggs, each of which could potential win you a great prize.

Although the campaign idea may not seem particularly original when considering the benchmark that ‘I believe in Harvey Dent too’ set for the launch of The Dark Knight, this definitely a campaign and site to watch.

The creative and story line (presented as an online comic strip when you enter the site) is playful and could lead to some great on and offline activity. Also there are loads of cool games to play when you’re on the site! Worth checking it out!