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Guest blog: Monica from London Mums talks about the relationships between Mummy Bloggers and PRs March 24, 2010

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What do you believe were the most significant developments in UK mummy blogging in 2009?

Technology has now being made so simple to use that anybody can go online and start a blog. And this is what is happening. Every mum with something to say seems to want to share their stories online, more like a ‘brain dump’ than looking for interaction.

What are some of your predictions for this year?

2010 will see some consolidation in mummy blogging – There are too many mummy bloggers out there and mums do not have time to read all those brain dumps – too much to do at home, with kids etc From our own feedback mums prefer to meet face to face and have real interaction with their peers hence groups such as London Mums based on traditional communication and with a face to face approach will prevail in the end – this is the way forward although it seems a step back. We at London Mums use technology to make the communication easier but we prefer the traditional approach: more meetings less virtual comms. 

How do we Brits compare to the rest of the world in terms of mummy blogging?

Brits tend to use the technology / the internet a lot more. In Italy or Spain or Greece it is unconceivable that a mum stays at home chatting online or blogging versus going our with friends with kids to have a chat and exchange day-to-day information on bringing up children.

Do you think mummy bloggers are generally keen to engage with brands?  

Yes potentially to make money out of sponsorship.

What are your top tips for PRs looking to engage with mummy bloggers?

At the moment there is too much out there and PR companies and advertisers are getting crazy understanding how to go about targeting mums in the UK. My suggestion is to focus on the big conglomerate groups such as London Mums that are building local communities. It is more cost effective and less time consuming. London Mums for example are building strong relationships with local groups, edutainment centres, clinics and family orientated businesses across London.

You can take a look at Monica’s London Mums blog by visiting www.londonmums.org.uk

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