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Who’s the man? April 16, 2010

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by Jill

We had an historic moment last night.  For over 20 years, to my memory, the party aspiring to power has lobbied to have a televised debate during the election campaign and finally last night we had it.  The first of three no less. 

And something really interesting happened.  The outsider won:

ITV:                                        Clegg 43%,          Cameron 26%    Brown 20%

YouGov/The Sun:            Clegg 51%            Cameron 29%    Brown 19%

Channel Four:                    Clegg 58%            Brown 28%         Cameron 13%

Sky News:                           Clegg 37%            Brown 32%         Cameron 31%

And it got even more fascinating to watch if you were simultaneously following it on Twitter and/or ITV.com and could see people’s reactions as the ‘debate’ progressed.

It indeed sparked into life what has been a fairly sterile election campaign so far, moving from who owns the Quattro image/reference to straps trying to grab old style FUD for the other party’s plans and policies.

A real third player on the UK political scene?  It would be the first time for nearly seventy years.  A hung parliament?  For only the fourth time since 1923.  An aspiring leader expected to do extremely well on TV but not quite making the grade?  You can be sure there will be a different game plan for debates two and three.  Does ‘grey but solid’ win the day?

It all bodes well for gripping second and third debates: Sky News broadcasts the second debate on Thursday, 22 April looking at foreign affairs. The third on BBC One on Thursday, 29 April focuses on the economy.

And do remember to follow on Twitter at the same time #LeadersDebate